How to develop intelligence to make money on bets?

How to develop intelligence to make money on bets?

gednanetwork July 28, 2019

Do I need to be smart to bet on sports? How must intelligence be developed to succeed in betting? What knowledge you need to have to make winning bets? Virtually every newcomer asks himself all these questions. Yes, and experienced bettors periodically ask themselves the same thing. We took on the mission to sort out this issue and at the same time decided to share our own opinions.

High intelligence and successful betting: is there a connection?

First of all, we note that opinions on this matter are radically different. In fact, there are two opposing camps: some are convinced that without excellent mathematical abilities, successful betting is impossible. Others firmly believe that luck and intuition decide everything (and in extreme cases you can also buy a capper’s forecast).

We cannot unequivocally answer what kind of IQ a player must have in order to make successful bets, or what grade in higher mathematics he must have in a certificate in order to build a successful career in betting. In fact, we are not even sure that the player should certainly understand the “tower”, be able to solve logarithmic equations, etc.

Definitely, only one thing – a player who wants to become a successful bettor must engage in the full development of his intellect and analytical skills.

And if, for example, everything is clear with chess, you need to analyze the arrangement of the pieces on the board and calculate the strategy a few steps ahead. That is more difficult with betting. Mathematical abilities alone are not enough here.

In general, if you think that sports betting is an income for smart people, then you are absolutely right. And there is. If you are not confident in your abilities, do not despair, all this can be developed. After all, successful bettors also started with something, right? To get started, choose a reliable site where you can place bets safely. Here is a great example for newbies in betting

3 principles that need to be imprinted in the head to start making good money on bets

  1. You need to understand that probability theory in WORKS stakes. In essence, this is the basis on which everything rests. The theory of probability in betting is applicable just because a huge number of accidents can affect the outcome of a match, including the human factor. And to analyze all possible outcomes with so many variables is possible only with the help of mathematical laws and probability theory.
  2. You should always be guided by a long distance and take into account the variance. And from this position, evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy. Let’s return to tossing the notorious coin. The probability of falling out of one of the parties ALWAYS is 50%. How many times she was not thrown. And if you have tails over and over again, then the probability of a falling eagle does NOT increase next time. Because with each new throw, the chances are again equal. You may not want to believe, but it is. The new cast seems to nullify all previous results. Just accept it. This nuance is called variance. And it is he who most often misleads players. In fact, the probability value means the frequency with which this event will occur during an infinite number of attempts.
  3. You can not judge the profitability of rates at a distance after the conditional 20 attempts. Here again comes the variance. Because of it, your actual result on a long distance and on a short segment may differ significantly. Remember one pattern: the higher the coefficient, the greater the variance. Accordingly, the more you need to bet to understand the effectiveness of the strategy.