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Growth hormone is currently extremely popular among professional and novice athletes. However, information began to appear about the side effects and the certain dangers of using such a drug – but the publications are rather contradictory. Some experts suggest that this hormone is one of the most effective factors in prolonging human life others believe that it is dangerous for the human body. In this article we will try to understand this controversial issue. More details here:

Mechanism of action

Growth hormone (scientifically – somatotropin) is a special protein containing 191 amino acids. The processes of synthesis and secretion of this hormone occur internally in the endocrine gland. Of all the available pituitary hormones, growth hormone is produced at the maximum dosage, and the process of its synthesis is continuous throughout life (but for 20 years, the synthesis of this hormone begins to decrease by 15% every 10 years). While the maximum level of growth hormone is observed in early childhood, and the peak secretion occurs during adolescence.

Basic functions

By influencing the work of the internal glands, the hormone somatotropin significantly accelerates the synthesis of growth factors and muscle fibers, and also regulates the metabolism of bone cells.
Growth hormone inhibits the activity of certain enzymes that destroy natural amino acids, supports the synthesis of collagen fibers in bones, skin and other organ systems. It provokes an increase in the volume and number of cells of the thyroid gland, liver and muscle tissues.

This hormone increases the intensity of lipid breakdown, which is why the concentration of beneficial fatty acids in the blood increases, which interferes with the effect of insulin on glucose transport.

Effect in practice

Growth hormone stops destructive processes inside the body, and also stimulates cell regeneration. Some scientists say that under the influence of growth hormone it becomes possible to rejuvenate the body for 10-20 years:
• strengthening the skeletal system;
• conversion of subcutaneous fat into muscle;
• strengthening of the body’s immune capabilities;
• increasing mental activity;
• lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood;
• increased sexual activity.


Growth hormone acts as an active substance for intensive muscle growth and reduction of subcutaneous fat mass. To get the desired effect from this drug, it is imperative to observe a number of important conditions (a strictly regulated schedule of nutrition, strength training and injections). The course of this drug and the dosage directly depend on the intensity of training and the type of sports activity (for example, the norm for an athlete is 8 units per day, which is ineffective for a qualitative set of muscle mass in a bodybuilder). Source site:

For professional bodybuilders, the dosage assumes at least 12-16 units , and the duration of the course is from 3 months. Growth hormone is recommended to be used in this way for the following reason: natural receptors in the human body quickly get used to the action of the drug, so it is ineffective to inject the drug for a long time. After the next course of therapy, a break is needed, which is at least equal to the length of the course.
Naturally, the drug is not prohibited from taking over 6 months, but only in meager dosages (2-4 units per day). Please note that it is almost impossible to obtain muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia with this mode.

Anabolic effect and features of interaction with other substances

Your calving needs intense stimulation for increased muscle growth, growth hormone alone will not work here. An integrated approach to therapy is needed, which includes other substances that can increase the effect of this hormone, as well as guarantee complete safety for your health. An approximate scheme of drugs looks like this: growth hormone – steroid supplements – insulin hormone – a complex of thyroid hormones. Next, you should disassemble the drugs separately:

  • Steroids are characterized by a rather powerful anabolic effect and significantly increase the hypertrophy of muscle fibers, which is why their presence in the complex is so important. Steroids also stimulate general cell hyperplasia, which provides faster and more visible results in practice.
  • Insulin is another essential ingredient in this combination, especially with high dosages of growth hormone Insulin relieves the load that the pancreas is exposed to (under the influence of growth hormone, it increases the rate of work so that it quickly depletes its own reserves), and also improves the growth of muscle cells. It is recommended to add about 7-8 U of insulin before meals.
  • Thyroid hormones accelerate metabolic processes and stimulate muscle growth. Their influence weakens the effect of growth hormone on the mechanisms of functioning of the gland. It is important to remember that the use of growth hormone in large doses can lead to a change in the functioning of the thyroid gland (provoking the development of hypothyroidism). Athletes who use higher dosages of growth hormone should use triiodothyronine at a dosage of 50 mcg / day. At the same time, large doses of this substance are also not recommended, since this will provide the opposite effect (loss of muscle mass).


You should not use a course of growth hormone without the use of additional drugs – this will not only reduce the possible effect, but also provoke a number of chronic diseases. Doses and duration of drug use are of fundamental importance. For this reason, you should be as careful as possible – trust your own health only with proven drugs and experienced specialists!